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Don't be pressured into signing false statements

Posted: 09-04-10Category:

I wonder if the workers on Mariner Energy's Vermillion 380 fixed production platform are being pressured by their employers to sign statements? All too often, after a serious accident occurs, companies try to pressure workers into signing statements saying that either that they were not hurt (even if they really were hurt) or saying that they know nothing about the accident (even if they do). This is exactly what happened after the recent BP Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig accident, where offshore rig workers were pressured to sign false statements saying that they weren’t hurt, or, that they had no knowledge about the blowout.  Do not allow the company to pressure you into signing a false statement. If  you are asked or pressured by your employer, or any other company, to sign a false statement, you should refuse to sign and immediately demand the right to consult with an attorney before signing any statement, release, or legal document. Don’t be fooled by the company representatives, who are definitely not looking after your best interests. You should demand immediate legal representation and assistance by a qualified Board Certified Attorney. This applies to all workers.  If your employer asks you to sign a false statement to "protect the company" don't do it.  Call their bluff and demand to see an attorney. Don't be pressured, don't be fooled. This is why we have a justice system with rules and laws.  If you are being pressured to sign a false statement by your employer, you have a right to an attorney.

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