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Meet Steve.

Steve has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, and thorough preparation on behalf of his clients. Before switching his practice to the plaintiff’s side of the docket, Steve spent almost 33 years with a well known Houston defense firm (where he became a Name Partner) defending insurance companies and large corporations against all kinds of claims and lawsuits. Today, instead of defending insurance companies, Steve represents families, accident victims, and policyholders who have been harmed by the wrongful conduct of insurance companies and large corporations.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

  • After a serious rollover accident rendered me a paraplegic, I contacted Steve Ferrell of The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. to help me. Steve responded immediately to my call and began to investigate and work on my case. Steve was relentless in his pursuit of my claims against the people whose negligence caused my injuries. Through Steve's hard work and diligent efforts, I was able to receive a very large confidential settlement that will take care of me for the rest of my life. Throughout the process, I never had to go through paralegals or assistants. Steve was always available to speak to me directly, and we spoke about the case on a weekly basis, and sometimes on a daily basis. I never felt rushed when I spoke with Steve because he always took whatever amount of time it took to explain to me everything I wanted and needed to know about the case. The entire time, Steve treated me with dignity and respect. Steve is the most honest and hard-working attorney I've ever met or worked with; and I would highly recommend him not just for his exceptional legal skills, but also because of his integrity.

    Chris Rollinson
  • Steve was one of the top defense lawyers in Texas for over two decades. He has since made the decision to help injured accident victims instead of representing the interests of the defendant. He knows the key issues and hurdles facing a plaintiff much more than the vast majority of the other plaintiff lawyers I have worked against during my 19 year law career as a defense lawyer. He came to mind first when I needed to consult with a lawyer for my own legal issue.

  • Mr. Steve Ferrell has been such an amazing Attorney. He treats you more like family than a client. I have known Mr. Ferrell for almost 4 years and every time I have a problem I can call him for advice and He's always available to answer your calls. I have had such an amazing experience with such a great attorney like Steve Ferrell I would definitely refer him to anyone, I mean anyone in the world. I cn say that if you called Steve he will not disappoint you he will always be there to help you no matter what the situation is. I would like to say once again Thanks Steve for all the hard work that you have done for both myself and my family.

  • I have been unfortunate to have been involved in several automobile accidents within the last several years. Due to these circumstances, I have worked with several different lawyers, some of whom I would not recommend. Ferrell, on the other hand was extremely nice and truly cared about not just my case, but my well being. He was able to get me a nice settlement in the end and I could not have been happier. If anyone is seeking a lawyer, I strongly encourage you to go with Steve Ferrel. He will definitely take great care of you and you will not regret your decision!

  • Mr. Ferrell communicated with me over the course of a couple days. He ended up deciding that my case was not a good fit for him, but he was kind, professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. He asked a lot of questions and understood my case thoroughly before deciding that he wasn't able to take the case. I felt like he also spent a significant amount of time educating me about the case and all the pertinent laws and important timeframes so that I'm very prepared to continue my efforts to hire an attorney and explain my own case more clearly than I was able to initially. Mr. Ferrell did not have to spend one moment of his time explaining the law to me, but he did, whomever hires him to represent them will be in good hands.

    Eliazabeth S.
  • Steve did an excellent job in lining up all evidence and motions necessary to have plaintiff eventually agree to dismiss case that was brought against us in bad faith. Also did excellent job in seeking sanctions against plaintiff that brought the case.

    Satisfied Client