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Different Types of Injury Cases Handled by Accident Attorneys in Houston, Texas

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There are many different types of injury cases that can occur, and most accident attorneys can handle all of them. Personal injury cases in Houston, Texas, can include brain and spinal cord, wrongful death, and burn injuries. There are also workplace injury cases that can include refinery accidents, industrial accidents and construction defect claims. The most common type of injury case, however, is an automobile accident case.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

People who have been hurt because of someone else should not have to go away empty handed. The money they receive in a settlement is usually not enough to make the pain and misery go away, but it can help. People with a brain or spinal cord injury will never be the same. They may not be able to move or be permanently disabled in some way, so these people have to start their lives all over again. In most cases, these people aren't able to work or do the activities they used to love. If this happens to you or a loved one, you should know that you have legal rights and should look into finding an attorney to help.


The most common reason people get burned is because of a fire or explosion and in many of those cases, someone was negligent or reckless, which caused the fire. If you or someone you know has been burned in a fire that was because of recklessness on someone else's part, then you should consider finding a lawyer to help you. The one you choose should be a personal injury lawyer and have experience with cases that involve burns. Burns can happen almost anywhere, such as a regular house fire, electricity burns, touching a very hot object and because of chemicals. Problems associated with burns include scarring, loss of sensation and nerve damage, among others. Therefore, being burned isn't the only problem you may have.

Workplace Injuries

Any workplace in Houston, Texas, can be an injury waiting to happen, but there are many workplaces that offer more situations that could be injurious. Refineries, plants, construction sites and more are all more dangerous, it seems than others. Falls, burns, chemical exposure and so much more could happen to you or someone you love. In many cases, these workplace injuries are so bad, they may actually cause death. It can be difficult to worry about your loved one all the time, but if something were to happen, you should be compensated.

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