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Personal Injury Lawyer Pearland

Personal Injury & Auto Accident Lawyer Pearland

The Ferrell Law Firm helps residents of  Pearland, Texas with their accident, fire and insurance claims. Steve Ferrell of The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. offers a range of legal services from representing homeowners and policyholders making insurance claims, to handling accident and fire claims for residents of Pearland, Texas. The firm represents clients in personal injury cases including those who have been injured in an accident, fire or explosion. Attorney Steve Ferrell is an experienced personal injury lawyer and is Double Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law. In addition to being a car accident attorney, Steve Ferrell also has the knowledge and capability to handle insurance and business disputes plus maritime and workplace accidents. If your claim has been denied, the Ferrell Law Firm is available to assist you in any way possible.

The Ferrell Law Firm serving clients in Pearland, Texas  and across the Houston Metropolitan Area, specializes in handling car accident cases, fires and insurance claims. Steve Ferrell is an expert auto accident lawyer and personal injury attorney as well. He is an auto accident attorney that ensures successful outcomes in auto accident injury cases. With over 25 years handling all types of legal matters including car accident cases, fires and insurance claims, Steve Ferrell is an auto accident attorney who can help get insurance companies to fairly compensate client losses.

Good representation by a competent personal injury attorney and capable car accident lawyer with experience helping clients in Pearland, Texas and elsewhere can lead to positive results. For car accidents, personal injury lawyer and car accident attorney Steve Ferrell offers the kind of legal representation needed to obtain fair settlements for any client.