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Insurance Claims

Houston Insurance Claims Attorney

Bringing 28 years of experience to clients, the Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. handles a wide variety of insurance claims and lawsuits, to represent policyholders against their insurance companies.

Our claims experience covers both residential and commercial claims, including:

• Specialty Insurance Claims
• Theft and Damage Claims involving high-end antiques, fine art, historical documents and artifacts and property
• Commercial Water Damage Insurance Claims
• Business Insurance Claims including embezzlement and property damage
• Fire Insurance Claims
• Acts of Nature Claims such as windstorms, floods, tornados, hurricanes, hail, etc.
• Motorist Injury Claims

Claims Handling

The claims handling process differs from case to case, depending on the claim being filed.

Property Damage or Loss Claims. When handling large property loss claims, professional estimators and appraisers are often called in to provide accurate estimates of the loss. One of the services provided by our Texas insurance claims lawyer, Steve Ferrelll, is to help you identify and retain the services of appraisers and estimators who specialize in your type of loss.

Business Claims. Claims handling for business insurance claims are a bit different than those for property loss. In most cases, the losses take the form of business interruption and loss of business profits. An estimator is not usually required for these types of claims. Instead, the attorney will calculate the loss and pursue the claim against the business owner’s insurance company.

Residential and Commercial Fire Claims. In the case of residential and commercial fire claims, the problem is usually a case where the insurance company refuses to pay, underpays or delays payment of the claim. Sometimes, fire cause and origin experts are called in to provide evidence if the cause of the fire is in dispute.

Acts Of Nature Claims. Whether the claim involves damage caused by a hurricane, a tornado, or a hailstorm, we can assist the policyholder in making the windstorm claim and in getting the claim paid.

Motorist Claims. We handle underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist claims made by the policyholder against their Texas Personal Automobile Insurance carrier.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Bad Faith Insurance practices are the cause of many insurance claims disputes. There are many examples of bad faith insurance practices including: delays or denial of payment, failure to respond to a covered claim or failure to investigate the damage claimed, just to name a few.

In most of these situations the insurance carriers have violated the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act in their investigation and handling of the claim. In many cases, we use the provisions of these regulations to obtain additional damages, which are over and above the amount of damage covered by the contractual provisions of the insurance policy.

When To Contact A Houston Insurance Claims Attorney

Many people want to know what do you do when your insurance claim is denied. They wonder at what point should they consult a Texas insurance claims lawyer. In general, it is best to contact a Texas insurance claims lawyer as early on in the process as possible. If you have had any delay in communication, receiving payments or obtaining an estimate, contact a Houston insurance claims attorney to help you move your claim through the process.

It is also common for the insurance company to require the policyholder to give a sworn statement under oath, called an Examination Under Oath, early in the process. If you have been asked to do this, the services of a Houston insurance claims attorney should be retained before you give the statement.

Once retained, your attorney will guide you through the Examination Under Oath process, advise you on how to best present your insurance claim and arrange for any necessary specialists. Your attorney will represent you to the insurance company and in a court of law, if need be.

About Steve Ferrell, Texas Insurance Claims Attorney and Houston Trial Attorney

Before he switched sides to represent policyholders, Steve Ferrell, the founder of The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. spent 23 years defending insurance companies and their adjusters on cases involving allegations of “bad faith insurance practices” and violations of the Texas Insurance Code. The 23 years that he spent defending the insurance industry gives him a perspective and special insight into the insurance claims process that few other attorneys have.

In addition to insurance claims, Steve Ferrell is an accomplished Houston trial attorney and is considered a top Texas trial lawyer by his peers, having been named a “Texas Super Lawyer” in a statewide Texas Bar Association poll several times.

If you would like assistance with your insurance claim, call The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. for assistance at (713) 800-0220.