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Types of Business and Commercial Litigation that a Lawyer in Houston, Texas Can Help With

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Commercial and business litigation in Houston, Texas, can be a tricky area of the law, so it is important to find someone that is professional and able to handle your needs. There are many types of litigation cases for businesses, including arbitrations, breach of contract, business disputes, business-to-business collections and deceptive trade practices.


Your business may need arbitration if it is involved in a contract with another business and either you or that other business has a dispute with the other. A contract is there for a reason: to protect your business and you, and to protect the other business and them. However, in some cases, there are disputes because of or in spite of the contract. In some cases, the contract may not seem fair and a dispute occurs before the companies sign the contract. In others, the contract is signed and the companies work together and something happens that is either not in the contract or that is unclear from the contract and then arbitration will occur. In most cases, companies would prefer arbitration rather than a full jury trial.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are meant to be kept. In this era, a simple handshake isn’t worth anything, but a contract in writing is legal and binding. Usual breach of contract claims are for the consumer or a small business and in most cases, a larger company has breached their contract and must be held accountable. Any contract can be breached, though it is not legal to do so. If you hire someone to fix your home, you will sign a contract for them to do the job. They will usually put in the contract how much it will cost and the supplies needed, etc. If they don’t do the work or try to charge more, this is considered a breach of contract.

Business Disputes

Almost anything could be considered a business dispute and these disputes can happen between a consumer and a business or between two businesses. Consumers expect to have a product or service that works properly for a specific price. If you feel, as a consumer, that the company did not do its job properly or sold faulty products, it is up to you to find restitution. In most cases, you can simply contact the business and work things out, but in some cases, this isn’t possible and a lawyer may need to become involved.

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