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Recover From An Insurance Claim Dispute With Help From A Houston, TX Insurance Claims Attorney

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Insurance Claim Most people who always make sure to pay their home or business insurance premiums expect to receive coverage if they ever need to file a claim. Unfortunately, sometimes claims are filed and denied. While there may be legitimate reasons for this, that doesn't help your situation. It's at times like this that a Houston, TX insurance claims attorney can help you understand what is happening and decide what actions to take.

When To File A Home Or Business Claim

It can be difficult to know exactly when to file a claim for your home or business. Many people are afraid of making themselves a target for higher rates from their insurer if they file a claim. Others don't think the hassle of filing is worth it and still others have no idea what is covered by their insurance and miss out on the protections they've paid for. In general, you should file an insurance claim for your home or business if:
  • You have suffered severe structural or property damage due to forces beyond your control such as a flood, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes or oil spills.
  • You have suffered from loss of business or business interruption due to the event and want to claim compensation.
  • The cost to repair the damage will be more than your deductible.
  • The damage is covered by your policy.

Reasons Claims Are Denied

Some insurance claims are denied. There are many reasons why an insurer would do this but here are a few of the most common:
  • The event was not covered by the policy.
  • The policy did not cover the part of the business that was affected.
  • There was a lapse in coverage.
  • Claims processing errors.

The Impact Of Unsettled Claims

Unsettled claims are very frustrating and can spell financial ruin, particularly for business owners. When claims are denied or delayed, the policyholder cannot move forward with repairs. This leads to more out of pocket expenses for the homeowner who may need to find elsewhere to live. The business owner fares even worse, losing out on revenue every day that the business is not open in addition to expenses that should have been covered by the insurance policy.

Contact A Houston, TX Insurance Claims Attorney If Your Claims Have Been Denied

If you are a home or business owner whose property insurance claims have been denied or delayed, contact The Ferrell Law Firm today at 713-800-0220 for a free consultation. Steve Ferrell is an experienced Houston, TX insurance claims attorney, with extensive experience in recovering monies due to bad faith insurance practices. He works with both businesses and individuals to recover monies that are rightfully theirs.

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