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New Fire Inspection Rules for Texas Foster Homes

Posted: 09-17-10Category:

New rules changes regarding fire safety in foster homes went into effect on September 1st. The changes affect foster families with 3 or fewer unrelated children, foster families with more than 3 unrelated children and those foster homes having children with special medical needs. Homes with 3 or less unrelated children, none with special medical needs, now may opt for a fire/life safety inspection from the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, any state-certified fire inspector or a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services staff member. Homes with more than 3 unrelated children or any children having special medicals needs, now must be inspected by a state-certified fire inspector, the local fire marshal’s office or the State fire marshal’s office. For more information, you can go to the Harris County Fire Marshal's website at and download the foster home inspection checklist and the foster home rules changes and checklist instructions.

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