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Insights From A Houston Business Insurance Claims Lawyer On Business and Personal Property Losses

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Texas Business Insurance Claims AttorneyAfter a catastrophic property loss, many home and business owners wonder what happens next. What are they responsible for? What is the insurer responsible for? How do they move forward? Steve Ferrell is a Houston business insurance claims lawyer who can provide you with the answers to those questions. Here's a look at some of the most basic duties of the property owner and the insurer.

Duties Of The Property Owner

The first thing you need to do is provide written notice of your claim to your insurer. After that, the insurance company will take the lead. Cooperate with them and respond to their requests for information as best you can. While the insurer focuses on paperwork and getting your claim approved and paid out, you should document the damage and do what you can to prevent further damage from occurring. In Texas, the burden is on the property owner to provide proof of the cause of the loss. This means you should document everything with pictures, videos and expert opinions to provide this proof. No matter what kind of damage has occurred, fire, water, smoke, etc., you will be responsible for cleanup and debris removal. Consult the insurer before you undertake any cleanup efforts to make sure they have finished their inspections and to see if your policy covers debris removal costs.

Duties Of The Insurer

While you are focusing on day to day living with a disaster, the insurer should be investigating the claim thoroughly and in a timely manner. Under Texas law, the insurer has 15 days after receiving written notice of the loss to make an inspection of the property to assess damages. Once they have agreed to pay the claim, they have 5 days to send you a check. The insurer has a duty to treat you fairly and pay for covered damages promptly, allowing you to move forward with your life and start repairs or rebuilding, if necessary. If your claim is denied, you should receive notice in writing explaining why it was denied.

When To Contact A Texas Business Insurance Claims Attorney

Texas law dictates that if your home or business suffers a total loss, the property insurer must pay you your policy limit or very close to it. If this does not happen or you run into resistance from the insurer, contact a Texas business insurance claims attorney
right away. The Ferrell Law Firm works with home and business policyholders who have been denied or whose claims are being stalled. Contact us at 713-800-0220 for a free consultation.

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