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Fertilizer Plant Fire and Explosion in the town of West, Texas Kills 15 and Injures Hundreds

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A huge fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas, North of Waco, has killed at least 15 people and injured hundreds more according to Services for the City of West, Texas.  Hundreds more are believed to be trapped inside their homes after the blast. The large number of injuries quickly overwhelmed the medical system in the small community North of Waco and healthcare providers from surrounding communities have been called in for additional medical assistance. Included among the dead from the West, Texas explosion are first responders including firefighters and at least one police officer.
In connection with the explosion in West, a designated phone number for family members has apparently been established: (254) 761-7200.
The fiery blast and explosion in West, Texas was actually the second Texas Plant Explosion of the day. The first explosion occurred at an ExxonMobile Plant facility in Beaumont, Texas.  That plant fire and explosion injured at least 12 workers, including 3 who were critically burned.
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