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Points To Consider When Hiring An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Posted by on Feb 18, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

If you or your loved one have unfortunately been involved in a trucking accident in the Houston, Texas area, you need to begin preparing your case as soon as possible. The statute of limitations can put your Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer at a distinct disadvantage if you wait or delay too long to make your claim.

For the best representation, you should contact The Ferrell Law Firm urgently to discuss your case with them.

Points to Consider

The following points will help you when deciding with hiring a truck accident lawyer:

  • The Ferrell Law Firm represents people who have been involved in trucking accidents with 18 wheelers and other commercial trucks.
  • Does your truck accident lawyer provide an initial free consultation? The Ferrell Law firm does.
  • The urgency is on you to gather evidence without delay and have your Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer present your case in court so you get the justice that you deserve, keeping in mind the statute of limitations.
  • Does your lawyer guide you in the legal process from the beginning to the end? The Ferrell Law firm starts guiding you the from the minute you contact them post-accident until they win your case for damages in court and collect their fee only if they win your case for you.
  • How many years of relevant experience does your lawyer have representing similar cases? The Ferrell Law Firm has nearly 3 decades of active relevant experience. Truck accident lawyers at the Ferrell Law Firm study and review cases where an 18-wheeler truck or other commercial trucks have been involved resulting in personal injury and wrongful death.
  • How professionally qualified is your lawyer? Steve Ferrell from the Ferrell Law Firm is a double board-certified truck accident attorney having handled hundreds of trucking accidents involving commercial 18-wheelers.
  • Even if your injuries seem minor, once you have received medical attention you should contact your insurance company and report the trucking accident and consult with an attorney.

Your Lawyers

R. Stephen Ferrell has been honoured for his professional work by both plaintiff and defense sides in court cases and is a practicing lawyer for over 27 years. Steve and his team of expert lawyers have ample experience representing trucking accident victims and have successfully defended their rights in court.

You can visit the Ferrell Law Firm website for more details or call your Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer at 713-800-0220 for a free consultation today.