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Maritime Accidents

Maritime Accidents Lawyers Houston

When it comes to maritime accidents, Houston lawyers simply cannot match Ferrell Law Firm’s passion for helping injured and mistreated people get the compensation and serenity they deserve.

Have you been injured while out at sea, on a ferry, or at work? Our firm handles maritime accidents. Houston attorneys Steve Ferrell and Susan Shotland represent those who need to file claims of negligence.

With a deep understanding of the Jones Act, Houston attorney Steve Ferrell successfully argues cases for clients who were told falsely that their employment is under common international maritime law, meaning the worker has no right to redress grievances. In addition to representing those protected by the Jones Act, Houston lawyer Steve Ferrell also fights for families who are harmed by faulty personal watercraft.

Houston accident attorneys at our firm engage substandard manufacturers in court on your behalf to ensure you receive the restitution you are entitled to. No other accident lawyer Houston has will fight for your cause with more heart – or more success – than the professionals at Ferrell Law Firm.

Some insurance providers try to deny claims after maritime accidents. Houston attorneys Steve Ferrell and Susan Shotland stand up to the insurers for you. Helping people recover losses from all types of maritime accidents, Houston lawyers at our firm are unmatched at settling complex cases in short order.