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Construction Defect Accident LawyerExplosions

Texas Construction Defect and Accident lawyer Steve Ferrell handles residential and commercial construction defect cases on behalf of homeowners and owners of commercial property. Construction defect cases may involve architects, engineers, general contractors, home builders, or subcontractors.

The defects may be design defects or defects in how the structure was built. We work with a wide variety of design and construction professionals to evaluate the strength of your claim and to determine who is responsible for the defect.  Some construction defect cases are tried to juries, while others are decided by an arbitration panel. To find out if you have a construction defect claim, call us to schedule a free consultation.

We also handle a variety of cases involving accidents occurring on construction sites.  If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction related accident, call us for a free consultation. We don’t charge a fee unless you recover.  Call us today.