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Wrongfully Denied Claims

Wrongfully Denied Claims Attorney Houston

Insurance Bad FaithHouston Insurance Claim Dispute Lawyer Steve Ferrell handles cases involving Insurance Bad Faith and Wrongful Denials of Claims.

Steve represents policyholders in lawsuits against their insurance companies.

Steve Ferrell is Double Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law.

The Texas Insurance Code specifically prohibits unfair claims practices by insurance companies. But every year, policyholders lose millions of dollars to insurance companies who: (1)  routinely deny or underpay legitimate claims from their policyholders;  (2) wrongfully refuse to provide insurance coverage; or, (3) wrongfully refuse to provide a defense when a policyholder is sued.

Despite oversight by the Texas Department of Insurance, carriers often treat their policyholders in bad faith by denying claims without a legitimate reason, restricting coverage or refusing to provide a defense and indemnity for a claim brought against their policyholder.

A significant part of The Ferrell Law Firm’s bad faith insurance practice involves representing policyholders in Fire Insurance Litigation against their insurance carriers. We also handle Stowers cases where the insurance company negligently fails to protect the interests of its policyholder against third party claims.

Whether the claim is a homeowners claim, such as a fire insurance claim, a windstorm claim ,  a hail damage claim, a hurricane claim,  or a workers compensation claim, or one of the wide variety of other claims which insurance companies deny, we can help you.  Texas Law prohibits insurance companies from wrongfully delaying the payment of legitimate claims, and it also prohibits unfair claims settlement practices.

If an insurance company has wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid your insurance claim, The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. can help. We will evaluate your claim, and, if the claim cannot be resolved, we will bring a lawsuit for damages against your insurance company. We don’t charge a fee unless you recover. Call or email the Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. today  at (713) 800-0220 for a free consultation.